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The modern market of mechanic devices with hydraulic lift is extremely diverse and saturated. It was until fairly recently that crane-manipulators were introduced into exploitation in Russia. They are considered to be one of the most effective technical solutions used in cargo carrying

Crane-manipulators made in Italy — Amco Veba

One of the leading world manufacturer of crane-manipulating installations AMCO VEBA has been functioning in Russia since 2004. Amco Veba is more than 240 models with loading moment from 1 to 80 t/m and with working radius from 1 to 27m. It corresponds to quality standards DIN 15018, ISO 9001. Amco Veba is divided in 3 series depending on the construction of TRUCK LOADER CRANE:

  1. “Standard” means universal series. TRUCK LOADER CRANE of this series can perform special functions, such as supply of cargo in the window of the second floor.
  2. «T» means simplified series, with one hoist cylinder. It is successfully applied during car evacuation and other special works.
  3. «C» differs from “Standard” series by possibility of reverse movement of the lifting arm, which allows placing of bulky cargos close by bottom cushion.

Differential advantages of crane-manipulating installations of Amco Veba:

  • The construction of Amco Veba cranes is based on hydraulic systems without application of electronic systems. It significantly facilitates maintenance of TRUCK LOADER CRANE and increases its reliability.
  • Operational life of TRUCK LOADER CRANE Amco Veba lasts more than 10 years.
  • Facility of load limitations on moderate and high-capacities excluding overset of transport during functioning is being applied on TRUCK LOADER CRANE Amco Veba.
  • While it is in transport position the crane-manipulating installation Amco Veba is compact due to retraction of lift arm, which allows transportation of heavy and high in dimensions bulks.
  • The construction of lift arm allows lifting of cargos located very close to transport.
  • Outriggers of TRUCK LOADER CRANE Amco Veba have rolling capacities. It allows taking away lift arms after termination of handling operations which maintains the preservation of riding hight, due to which transport pasableness is decreased.
  • Thank to large wide choice of attached implements the TRUCK LOADER CRANE Amco Veba can work with any kind of cargos.
  • It is possible to install additional facilities: portable traverses, hauling winches, rotators, grasping units (for roundwood, trays, multilobe, mesh, fork), buckets, drill-machines.

HIAB: world leader in the market of solutions for load lifting operations.

HIAB is a company suggesting wide choice of solutions for loading unloading and cargo delivering. It is a leader in the market of solutions for load lifting operations. Assortment of crane-manipulators HIAB comprehends a wide range of capacity. The concept of XS allows setting up crane parameters which fulfill exact demands of customers. Lifting moment of crane-manipulators lies in diapason from 1 till about 80 ton per meter, and the crane radius is in diapason from 2 to 27 m.

HIAB crane-manipulators are customer-oriented.

The company HIAB represents its crane-manipulators in Russian market for execution of wide range of works. Production programme includes more than 50 models of cranes with capacity till 18 tones and the crane radius is till 24 meters. Each crane model can be delivered to customer in different design variants. Wide possibilities of different completing units of each model of HIAB hydraulic manipulators allow choosing the optimal solution.

  • Crane-manipulators are installed on Russian and imported chassis as after cabin so on rear overhang of transport.
  • The temperature diapason of working ability is from –40°C till +50°C. The crane can equally well function as in conditions of high north so in strong heat of African deserts.
  • Backing blocks are suggested for off-road transport lifting over in transport position for 180 degrees.
  • HIAB manipulators can be mounted with additional facilities: pallet fork, grasping unit for brick, combination bucket, drilling tool, winch arrangement, fly jib.

The company HIAB uses unique software which allows calculating the stability of truck during functioning of TRUCK LOADER CRANE HIAB, as well as choosing the corresponding range of support.

Domestic crane-manipulators INMAN

The LLC «INMAN» (Ishimbay) released first manipulator IF-300 in 1993. Today the range of released crane-manipulating installations includes 8 basic models with capacity from 1,0 till 9,0 tones and about 80 modifications differing from each other by capacity, working radius and mounting base. Hydraulic manipulators INMAN have modern design with Z-form curl in, which allows production of mounting of TRUCK LOADER CRANE on different modes of transport: cars, tractors, swamp buggies etc., as well as to install fundaments and steel constructions. In order to increase the reliability and longevity of functioning all the hydraulic system is furnished by elements of leading world manufacturers, and steel constructions are made from high-quality steel, including imported ones.

Advantages of crane-manipulating installations INMAN:

  • TRUCK LOADER CRANE handling can be realized while sitting on column or standing on the ground. It is possible to use remote governance.
  • The powerful pivot mechanism with high motive force maintains the bumpless and safe transfer. In order to decrease wear-out and noise the steering device is placed in oil bath.
  • The placement of hydraulic hoses and cylinders allows maximally excluding the mechanical influences which reduces costs of technical maintenance.
  • All lift arms have 6-sided profile which increases their stiffness and allows their easy centering during telescoping, maintains directness of movement during moving out.
  • In case of minimum dimensions in transport position it is possible to provide the maximum handling radius of crane 18 m while working due to application of telescopic lift arms.
  • Application of proportional distributor in hydraulic systems maintains smooth and reliable work with velocity control and exact positioning.
  • TRUCK LOADER CRANE is equipped by moment limiters which significantly increase the safety during functioning. The pilot controlled check valves are installed on outriggers, which allows to preserve the stability of crane-manipulator in case of impairment of hydraulic hoses.
  • It is possible to install various attached implements as customer wishes: excavator bucket, digger attachment, lift-type hanging-stage for overhead work etc.

FASSI: cranes without compromises

FASSI is one of the major manufacturers in the modern market and third one as a producer of crane-manipulators in Europe. FASSI TRUCK LOADER CRANE have been introduced into Russian market since 1996 as a discrete model range. The longstanding experience of work in the field of crane-manipulator production allows FASSI suggesting maximum safety of work during optimum productivity of TRUCK LOADER CRANE. Crane design is created in correspondence with standard DIN 15018 and classification of fatigue tests H1VZ.

Crane-manipulator FASSI can be installed and used for loading uploading:

  • on car chassis (after cabin on rear overhang) in standard package or with shortened external lift arm in order to increase capacity decrease of beam weight and convenience of uploading;
  • with traverse and rotator for car evacuation;
  • is mounted into fixed platform which allows its using in domestic conditions.

The model range of TRUCK LOADER CRANE is quite various and includes diapason of load moment from 1,10 ton per meter (series MICRO) till 113 ton per meter (series P 500). The tensile strength and wear proof steel of WELDOX 900 brand is used in the production of crane-manipulator, which doesn’t loose its properties at low temperatures (till –60 °C). The management system is quite simple. Cranes have crossed controls from ground, they can have additional handling from seat and be fitted with cable or remote console, have radiocontrol. TRUCK LOADER CRANE can be supplied as by simple load limitation installation so by electronic systems of imitation of load moment, systems of light and sound signaling, checkout system of crane boom extension (which is particularly up-to-date for models with extension of more than 15 m). There can be applied any kind of attached implements: pallet forks, drill bit assembly, buckets, wrench etc. (excluding hanging stage).

EFFER today

As it was created in the end of 1965 by Jean Carlo Monti the company EFFER is successfully working in the market of load lifting equipment more than 40 years. The name EFFER was not created accidentially: «effero» means “lift” in translation from Latin. The mission of the company EFFER is best expressed via its name: to develop lifting mechanism for transfer. EFFER cranes are manufactured in 4 factories EFFER with overall surface 30.000 m². Annually EFFER produces more than 2000 cranes with capacity from 2 to 400 ton per meter. Since 2007 the successful co-operation with the company RocKomTrans (the official representative of companies CTE and B.O.B. Sistemi Idraulici in Russian market) is being carried out.

Crane-manipulating installations EFFER for cars

Assortment of crane-manipulators for cars (hydraulic manipulators) EFFER reaches till more than 40 types of models, excluding number of versions of TRUCK LOADER CRANE and additional accessories. Load moment of crane-manipulating installations lies in diapason from 1,5 till 275 ton per meter . Given compact systems for cargo lift and transfer can substitute work of truck and cranmobile thus significantly reducing expenditure of the establishment (the engaging of two types of equipment, specificity of crane maintenance). Moreover, the technical possibilities of TRUCK LOADER CRANE from heavy series functionally overweighs cranmobiles, due to which the majority of European consumers gradually switch to application of exceptionally crane-manipulating installations, especially in the field of small construction (construction of villa cimmunities) with the application of various attached implements. Depending on capacity the TRUCK LOADER CRANE is subdivided into 3 series:

  1. TRUCK LOADER CRANE of small series. From EFFER 20 till EFFER 305.11 with load moment from 1,56 till 27.5 ton per meter and with capacity till 9.8 tones.
  2. TRUCK LOADER CRANE of medium series. From EFFER 310 till EFFER 585 with load moment from 30,5 till 58,5 ton per meter and capacity till 17,3 tones.
  3. TRUCK LOADER CRANE of heavy series. From EFFER 750 till EFFER 2750 with load moment from 75 till 275 ton per meter and capacity till 37 tones.

In order to increase the possibilities of EFFER the following equipment can be installed:

  • gooseneck extension;
  • wrench;
  • extended outboard supports;
  • attached implement (rotator, grasping unit, drilling steel).

Professionals can help you to choose the maximum appropriate type of TRUCK LOADER CRANE, to design the final product, as soon as you will define requirements to crane-manipulating installation.

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