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Special vehicles. Complete lineup

Cable selfloader MSK Set of pumping unit maintenance AROK-393 Conduit above-ground maintenance unit ANRV Electrical equipment service maintenance unit AOE-3949 Hoisting equipment maintenance unit Motor vehicle for transportation of group of workers and various cargo GPA-3942 Repair car PRM-5820 Mobile truck repair shop Main pipeline maintenance unit (ARMT) Motor vehicle with truck loader crane Poles transportation unit APSH-54071 Special vehicle with truck loader crane Field selfloader PS-1,6 Repairing and welding unit ARS Well-swabbing unit WSU Platform cars Maintenance unit, for maintenance and service of municipal heat supply and water supply systems KoBRA Service and supply unit RTK-100 Special motor van (SVP-6) Vehicle carrier Process motor vehicle with truck loader crane Road train built to transport long cargo Short log truck with hydraulic manipulator

Mobile units. Complete lineup

General information in mobile units Engineer house «Trassa 8 MS» Engineer house «Trassa 8 OB 4 M» Mobile unit for group of workers Mobile unit for group of workers PRS Building for work clothes drying for 10 persons Building for work clothes drying for 16 persons Building for work clothes drying for 20 persons Instrumentation shop Hostel for 4 persons «Trassa 6 OB 4 M» Hostel for 4 persons «Trassa 8 OB 4» Hostel for 8 persons Hostel for 16 persons Dining room for 4 persons with cook room Dining room for 12 persons «Trassa 8 STK 12» Toilet facilities «Trassa – Toilet facilities» Sauna «Trassa 8 sauna» Food warehouse «Trassa – 8 SKOP» Dentist’s room «Trassa 8»

Modular buildings. Complete lineup

Feldsher-midwife station FAPM-62 Feldsher-midwife station FAPM-83 Building for engineering and technical personnel Club-house «Trassovik 12 House» House complex Pump house «Trassovik» Pump house «Trassovik 10 N» Hostel for 2 persons «Trassovik 8OB2k» Hostel for 4 persons «8OB4a» Hostel for 4 persons «8OB4b» Control room «Trassovik 8 DMO» Control room «Trassovik 10 OPR» Security room «Trassovik 10 OKhR» Hockey locker room «Trassovik 9Rkh» Kitchen-Dining room for 20 persons /a> Container «Trassovik » 2×2 Container «Trassovik 6 KKhL» Gas measuring block-box «Trassovik 5 ZG»

Modular complexes. Complete lineup

Office building «Site facility» First aid station Office building of 210 modules Dining-room for 100 people Dining-room for 500 people Fire department

Special vehicles Mobile units Modular buildings Modular complexes
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