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«Trassovik 8 STK 20» (modular building of two boxes. Dining kitchen for 20 persons)

Cook house plan
¹ Name of equipmentQuantity
1Air conditioner (heat/cold)2
4Electrical convector 5
6Exhaust fan VENTS-100ÌÀ3
7Washer with water heating tank and mirror1
8Water tank1
9Fire extinguisher ÎÏ-5ç2
12Two-compartment refrigerator 2
13First aid kit1
14Serving table1
15Side table1+1
16Serving meal window1
17Dish serving window1
192-section washing bath 4
21Table for dishes 1
22Serving table1
23Electric range with extract hood2
24Shelve for vegetables 1
26Serving table1
28Nonstorage water heater1
29Hot air curtain1
30Water tank1
31Pump with hydraulic accumulator 1
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