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Feldsher-midwife station FAPM-62 (modular, 62.5 sq. m in area)

List of equipment

Plan of the feldsher-midwife station
¹ Name of equipment
1.Gynecological examination chair
2.Three-section roller screen
4.Swadding table
5.Medical chair
6.Nurse pedestal desk
7.Wash basin with pedestal
8.Sink mixer
9.Medicine storage cabinet
10.Filing cabinet
11.Medicine storage refrigerator
12.Manipulation table
14.Toilet unit
16.Litter bin
17.Toilet paper holder
18.Newborn baby electronic scales
19.Table with plastic top and shelve
20.Rack with 4 hanger
22.Bench, 300×1000×400
23.Metal wardrobe
24.Exhaust fan
25.Power distribution frame block-box
26.Fire extinguisher
27.Two-compartment washer
28.Air sterilizer
29.Table with plastic top and shelve
30.Metal locker
31.Corner wash basin
32.Shelving unit
33.Table with plastic top 400×600
34.Bactericidal lamp
35.Hot air curtain
36.Drip-proof convector
37.Mechanical floor scales with height meter
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