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Site facility. Office building with conference hall for 100 people

Plan of office building Site facility
Name of equipment Quantity
1Air conditioner (heat/cold)13
2Electrical convector2 kW21
3Theater chair 4 pieces100
4Arm-chair Gemes SP-A5
5Table Shagren 202 -18/12
6Arm-chair Prestig GTP NEW C-38 3C29
7First aid kit4
8Fire extinguisher -515
9Coffee table 1311
10Rigel single-place unit 1421611
11Rolling cabinet 2021
12Toilet unit2
13Wash basin2
14Wardrobe -145
16Ergonomic table, right-hand -16/1/11
17Chair Black c-383038
18Shelving unit -102
19Ergonomic table, left-hand -16/1/11
20Side file cabinet -13
21Chair VENUS BAR v-173042
23Refrigerator Biryusa 1331
24Wall hanging rack with 10 hangers4
25Electric cooker NovoVyatka-Ex 0101
26Arm-chair Germes Extra LE-A 1.0313011
27Clothes tree2
28Microwave oven 1
29Rigel corner unit 14216 1
30Electric hand drier 2
31Rigel three-place unit 1421631
32Electric kettle V=1.7 L1
33Coffee machine1
34Table -12/11
35Electric water heater 2 kW V=5 L2
36Electrical control unit1
37Boiler V=150 L1
38Exhaust fan13
39Air extraction system Faben bring 1MWF501
40Hot air curtain2
41Clothes tree with 20 hangers3
42Water meter1
43Communications distribution cabinet1
44Air conditioner1
45Complete kitchen1
47Rolling cabinet -16
48Chair ISO Black c-113032
49Base unit stand 3933939
50Keyboard pannel 0029
51Table 1/161
52Utility cabinet1
53Portable cabinet1
54Combined box1
56 1-1461
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