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Dining-room for 100 people

Dining-room plan
═Name of equipment ╩Quantity
1Kitchen table28
2Kitchen chair 112
4Deep freezer2
5Shelve for dishes4
6Two-compartment washer4
7Boiler V=300 L1
8Electric boiler V=20 L2
9Electric frying pan2
10Electric meat mincer1
11Operating table8
12Electric hot plate2
13Cabinet oven2
14Shelve for food products6
15Multifunctional cashiersĺ office ╩╩-70╩ with cash register1
16Hot beverage stand1
17Food warmer for starters and seconds1
18First aid kit2
19Fire extinguisher10
21Air conditioner12
22Dishes service table1
23Electrical control unit1
24Electric water heater 2 kWV=5 L7
25Exhaust fan13
26Wardrobe rack with 20 hangers5
27Counter for cold dishes1
28Hand washer1
29Water meter1
30Kitchen utensils washer2
31One-compartment washer1
32Clothes tree2
33Electric hand drier4
34Towel rail2
35Vent cap6
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