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Office building of 210 units

First floor

1st floor plan with furniture layout
¹ Room’s name
1Executive office
2Office for 1 workplace
3Office for 1 workplace
4Office for 1 workplace
5Executive office
6Office for 1 workplace
7Office for 1 workplace
8Office for 1 workplace
9Office for 1 workplace
10Office for 1 workplace
11Office for 1 workplace
12Office for 1 workplace
13Office for 1 workplace
14Office for 1 workplace
15Office for 1 workplace
18Office for 1 workplace
19Office for 1 workplace
20Office for 1 workplace
21Executive office
22Executive office
23Executive office
24Executive office
25Executive office
27Office for 1 workplace
28Office for 1 workplace
29First aid room
30Rest room
32Ventilation chamber
33Office for 1 workplace
34Office for 1 workplace
35Office for 1 workplace
37Rest room
39Conference room
40Printing room
41Documentation workroom
42Ladies’ room
43Men’s room
44Office cleaner room
46Conference room for 10 persons
47Conference room for 20 persons
48Conference room for 10 persons
49Office for 1 workplace
50Office for 1 workplace
51Office for 1 workplace
52Office for 1 workplace
53Security room
55Entrance hall

Second floor

2nd floor plan with furniture layout
¹ Room’s name
1Shower room
2Executive office
4Conference room for 24 persons
5Dining room
6Deputy administrator office
7Executive office
8Office for 6 workplaces
9Deputy administrator office
10Office for 6 workplaces
11Executive office
12Deputy administrator office
13Office for 6 workplaces
14Executive office
15Office for 1 workplace
16Office for 1 workplace
17Office for 6 workplaces
18Executive office
19Deputy administrator office
20Executive office
21Deputy administrator office
22Office for 6 workplaces
23Office for 6 workplaces
24Deputy administrator office
25Executive office
26Conference room for 24 persons
28Executive office
29Rest room
32Office for 6 workplaces
33Executive office
34Deputy administrator office
35Deputy administrator office
36Office for 6 workplaces
37Executive office
38Executive office
39Deputy administrator office
40Office for 6 workplaces
41Dining room
43Server rom
44Deputy administrator office
45Office for 6 workplaces
46Executive office
47Executive office
48Office for 6 workplaces
49Deputy administrator office
50Deputy administrator office
51Executive office
52Office for 6 workplaces
54Ladies’ room
55Men’s room
56Office cleaner room
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