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First aid station

First aid station plan
Name of equipment Quantity
1Bed 1900×6502
2Table 750×12001
4Hot air curtain ź╩┬Ţ-6¤╗1
5Fire extinguisher ╬¤-532
6Refrigerator źSviyaga-410╗1
7Metal box for medicine holding 550?6501
8Wardrobe 700×3501
9Dressing table 700×4501
10Treatment table 450×7001
11Water heating tank źEVAO 10/1,6╗2
12Washer with cabinet 420×4201
14Air conditioner źKCD-32╗2
15Electrical convector źStiebel Eltron╗ 2 kW2
16Air fan źVents-100╠└╗3
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