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AOE (electrical equipment service maintenance unit)

AOE unit is designed and suitable

for complete service maintenance of the electrical equipment at the oil and gas facilities as well as at any kind of national economic assets. ▲ General view of AOE URAL ▲ General view of AOE KamAZ-43118-1017

Installing wheelbase of AOE:

chassis of KamAZ-43114, KamAZ-43118 URAL-4320, URAL -5557.

AOE unit maintenances the following works:

  • welding and cutting works;
  • mechanical works;
  • electrical maintenance of equipment.

Box body of AOE:

all metal, framed, all welded, cold-proof, with the right to transport the group of workers till 3 persons. Heated by Planar 4D.

Configuration of AOE:

  • welding equipment (power generator EG 26-30 kW and rectifier welding set VD 313 (315A);
  • oxygen-cutting equipment (Container for oxygen and propane bottle, torch , cutter completed by pressure regulators and gas supply tubing);
  • file bench;
  • electrical measuring instrument: combined instrument C-4332-high range ohmmeter, voltage meter, clip-on instrument, earth-resistance meter;
  • loader crane with a lifting capacity of to 4 tons;
  • Its possible to equip with portable access platform for man lifting up to 12 m.
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