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SVP-6 (special motor van)

SVP-6 serves

to transport explosives, electric caps to the place of explosive works while geophysical prospecting in temperate macroclimatic area. ▲ General view of SVP, chassis 33081

Installing wheelbase of SVP-6:

chassis of GAZ, KamAZ, URAL.

Box body of SVP-6:

all metal, framed, all welded, cold-proof, two boxes with solid partition. There are windows on the doors and side panels.

Configuration of SVP-6:

  • chair locker;
  • heater ON-32D12;
  • metal box for electric caps;
  • metal box for explosives;
  • metal tool box;
  • peg;
  • fire extinguisher OY-5;
  • interphone system;
  • rotating warning beacon;
  • door opening indicator.
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