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GPA-3942 (dual-purpose vehicle for transportation of group of workers and various cargos)

GPA unit is designed and suitable

for transportation of group of workers in amount of 8 persons (5 is in body compartment and 3 is in cab, including the driver), transportation, handling (if truck loader crane is available) of various cargos. ▲ General view of GPA

Installing wheelbase of GPA:

chassis of KAMAZ-43114, KAMAZ-43118, URAL, GAZ.

GPA maintenance the following works:

  • cargo transportation;
  • cargo handling (if TRUCK LOADER CRANE is available).

Box body:

all metal, framed, all welded , cold-proof.

Passenger compartment for transportation of group of workers:

seats for 5 persons with seatbelts, escape outlet, interphone system, wash stand or gas stove (optional), wardrobe.

Heating system:

hot air heater Planar 4D and additional emergency heater of internal combustion engine system.

Configuration of GPA:

  • cargo platform with opening sides;
  • loader crane with a lifting capacity of to 4 tons.
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