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PS-300 (special motor vehicle with loader crane of high-capacity)

PS-300 unit is designed and suitable

for handling, transportation of cargo and equipment, mounting/dismounting of the equipment. ▲ Special motor vehicle PS-300

Installing wheelbase:

chassis of KamAZ 43118-1017, KamAZ 43118-1999, URAL 4320.

Equipment of PS-300:

  • loader crane (mounted on the armored frame at the backside of cab).
Model IF-300 HIAB-200 HIAB-300 Palfinger 15500
Loading moment, ton per meter 24 18 29,6 14,6
Lifting capacity at max working radius,
kg per meter
2800/8,0 1700/9,8 3900/7,6 1600/8,0
Lifting capacity at min working radius,
kg per meter
8000/3,0 7000/2,5 12000/2,1 6200/2,3
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