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RTK-100 model 3945 (service and supply unit)

RTK-100 is designed and suitable

for maintenance and emergency operations in public services and oil and gas industry. ▲ General view of RTK100 GAZ 33081

Installing wheelbase of RTK-100:

chassis of GAZ-3307, GAZ-3308, GAZ-3309.

RTK-100 maintenance the following works:

  • welding and cutting works;
  • repairing and mounting of above-ground equipment;
  • maintenance of water lines and wastewater pipes.

Box body of RTK-100:

all metal, 2 boxes, isometric. Front box is household room, cold-proof, for 3 persons.

The following equipment is mounted in the back box:

  • welding equipment;
  • bottoms pump GNOM;
  • set of equipment for oxygen cutting;
  • side-mounted lamp with stands;
  • electric tools;
  • container for oxygen and propane bottle;
  • tool kit.

Additional equipment can be mounted at the request of the Customer. Apply for this model

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