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Vehicle carrier 3950

Vehicle carrier is designed and suitable

for transportation (evacuation) of motor vehicles. Handling operations are performed by loader crane.

Installing wheelbase of vehicle carrier:

chassis of KamAZ-4308. Vehicle carrier platform consists of all-welded metal structure made of roll-formed and hot-rolled profiles. Cargo weight not exceeding 3,200 kg.


  • truck loader crane Palfinger, HIAB (lifting capacity max to 5 tons).

Transverse beam "spider" with level setter is used as a load-handling device. Special clamps fixed on the wheels of the car are used when loading the vehicle. Four wheel blocks that are fixed in the grooves of the platform are used for vehicles carried on the platform. When transporting the vehicle over long distances eyelets (eyebolts) are used for the binding of the vehicle with tie belts installed in the rear of the platform. Apply for this model

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