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MSK (cable selfloader)

Cable selfloader MSK

is designed and suitable for mechanized loading of truck bodies on itself, their transportation and mechanized unloading, as well as for uploading the cargo by dumping. Cable selfloader MSK can be used for transportation of truck bodies for snow and loose goods carrying, waste containers, sand spraying unit etc. With waste container K-20, K-27 the truck can be used as sanitation truck and performs garbage collection from the loading (overloading) area and its mechanized unloading in the field of waste disposal. With a body for snow Cable selfloader MSC is used as snow-carrier, performing snow removal and its mechanized unloading in landfills. With the other bodies (equipment) Cable selfloader MSK is used for its intended purpose of the body (equipment): platform, tank, sand spraying unit, wagon etc. Apply for this model

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