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WSU (well-swabbing unit)


oil producing from marginal wells through flow string by swabs, well production gathering and its delivery to the gathering station, produced gas neutralization, performance of maintenance by swabbing in temperate macroclimatic area at temperature of from -40C to +40C. ▲ General view of WSU

Installing wheelbase of well-swabbing unit:


Specification of the system of well production gathering and its delivery with produced gas neutralization device:

Tank capacity, cubic meter 4,0
System pressure, MPa (kgf/sm²), not more than 0,06 (0,6)
Hose length for produced gas withdrawal to the gas vent stack, m 30,0
Gas vent stack height, m 5,0
Capacity of the neutralization tank absorber, cubic meter 0,1
Absorbing agent - 20-25 % of NaOH, tank liquid-level indicator level controller PMP-118

Equipment specifications

Specifications of OPU IMS-150
lifting capacity, t0,3
radius of operations, m 8,645
specifications of the swabbing winch: pulling force while winding on the second layer, kN 30
rope diameter , mm14,0
rope capacity, m 1500
winch drive PTO MP24-4208010 max hoisting speed of swab, meter per hour 2,36
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