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Road train-pipe truck for carrying long loads

Road train-pipe truck is designed

to transport long cargos, including tube length of 12 m or joints up to 36 meters and in diameter from 530 mm to 1420 mm by public roads, including unsurfaced and heavy roads, as well as by off-road areas. Long loads are placed on the rotary bolsters of the towing truck and log carrier. Log carrier may be carried on the frame of the towing truck while transporting.

Road train consists of:

  • the tow vehicle based on the all-wheel drive chassis KAMAZ-43118;
  • process equipment, consisting of a frame assembly, a safety shield and rotary bolsters;
  • special two-axle log carrier with process equipment that consists of a frame and a fixed bolster with stands.
Model 390217+390P17
basic chassis of tow vehicle KAMAZ, mod. 4118
weight of transported cargo, kg 20 000
gross weight of the road train, kg 33 000
The distribution of load on the road with the gross weight of the road train:
on the front axle, kg 5 200
on the rear bogie, kg 13 500
gross log carrier weight, kg 9 900
length of cargo 736 m
engine power, hp 240/260
size of pipe truck, m (12480... 17260) × 2500 × 3090
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