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PARM-4784 (mobile truck repair shop)

PARM-4784 unit is designed and suitable

for maintenance and repair of automotive engineering and equipment in the field. ▲ General view of PARM-4784 unit

Installing wheelbase PARM-4784:

URAL 4320-1912, KAMAZ 43114-1029.

PARM-4784 maintenance the following works:

  • mechanical works;
  • welding and cutting works;
  • lathe works.

Box body of PARM-4784:

all metal, framed or of sandwich panel, cold-proof, with one box. Body is heated by OB-65.

Configuration of PARM-4784:

  • welding equipment (power generator EG 26-30 kW and rectifier welding set VD-313 315A.);
  • oxygen-cutting equipment (oxygen and propane bottle, oxygen and propane pressure regulators, cutter, torch);
  • emery and grinding unit and bench drilling machine.

Additional equipment and tools:

  • service kit;
  • bench work tool;
  • lubrication kit;
  • jib crane with chain hoist.
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