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ARS (repairing and welding truck)

ARS unit is designed and suitable

for performance of repairing and welding works at oil and gas pipe-lines.

Installing wheelbase of ARS:

chassis of KAMAZ, URAL.

Box body:

all metal, framed, cold-proof, with one box. Heated by Planar 8D.

Configuration of ARS unit:

  • welding equipment (100 kW diesel power plant AD100S and rectifier welding BD-306);
  • weld rod oven;
  • tool kit.

Additional equipment:

  • angel grinder;
  • lamps with stands;
  • side-mounted ground system;
  • cable reel with 25 m of cable for 4 users 1 point with 380 V, and 4 points with 220 V;
  • switch gear for connecting of 4 users.
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