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Platform cars

Platforms of various designs, ranging from lightweight aluminum to steel Europlatforms.

Installing wheelbase:

chassis of KamAZ 4308, 43118, URAL 4320, Hyundai, ISUZU, Ford and others.

Aluminum rear body:

Modern design of the unit allows you to open platform fully or partially.

  • Sides anodized aluminum section.
  • Floor laminboard with antiskid coating.
  • Size: length from 3000 mm to 7500 mm; outside width 2500 mm;
  • Inside width 2440 mm; height from 400 mm to 800 mm.


This unit is designed for europallets loading. Folding stand allows loading from three sides, including oversized cargo.

  • Sides self-engineered shaped sheet, with improved design.
  • Floor match board of 36 mm thick or plywood with antiskid coating.
  • Size: length from 4900 mm to 7900 mm; outside width 2545 mm;
  • Inside width 2470 mm; height 600 mm.

Platform cars can be designed:

  • completed with canopy;
  • with backside wing doors of sandwich construction;
  • with faceplate.
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